Learning Support

The Learning  Support Team assists those students who require additional support to meet their full potential. Our inclusive and effective model includes five important practices: identification; planning; implementation; evaluation of student progress; and further planning. We value the support and assistance of our parents and wider school community.

Regular assessment of students and consultation with the class teacher ensures that our program is based on individual needs. Our formal assessment schedule ensures that every student’s progress is monitored at regular intervals throughout the year. Classroom and Learning Support staff are able to identify those students who may need support at different times during their primary schooling to enable independent learning in the classroom.

Students participating in our Learning Support Program are monitored regularly, as are those students who have been on the program in previous terms/years.

A major factor in the success of our school’s Learning support is early intervention in the first three years of schooling. It is in these years that students are laying the foundation for their Literacy development. It is through explicit teaching and many and varied opportunities to read and practise their developing skills that children become competent and independent readers.

Parents are informed if their child has been identified as needing additional support and also when their child is being discontinued from the program. Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s classroom teacher in the first instance, if they have queries or concerns about their child’s progress. Parents are encouraged to learn strategies to assist their child’s literacy and numeracy development through parent workshops which are advertised at times through the school newsletter.

Reading Recovery

St Matthew's has a fully qualified Reading Recovery Teacher.

The goal of Reading Recovery is to dramatically reduce the number of first-grade students who have extreme difficulty learning to read and write and to reduce the cost of these learners to educational systems.
Reading Recovery is a highly effective short-term intervention of one-to-one tutoring for low-achieving first graders. The intervention is most effective when it is available to all students who need it and is used as a supplement to good classroom teaching.
Reading Recovery serves the lowest-achieving first graders—the students who are not catching on to the complex set of concepts that make reading and writing possible.
Individual students receive a half-hour lesson each school day for 12 to 20 weeks with a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher. As soon as students can meet grade-level expectations and demonstrate that they can continue to work independently in the classroom, their lessons are discontinued, and new students begin individual instruction.

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