Year Six Leadership

With an understanding that all children have some leadership capacity, all Year Six students at St Matthew’s are explicitly taught about the skills and behaviours necessary to be effective leaders.

After the term long program, each Year Six student is entrusted with a leadership role and earns the right to wear a leadership shirt and badge which sets them apart from the younger students.

The Year Six students are also given the shared responsibility of leading the other students. In addition to leading by personal example, these students facilitate ‘Making Jesus Real’ (MJR) groups; these are small groups of ten to fifteen children from across the grade levels. In this way positive relationships are built amongst students and between teachers and students. These groups meet to complete a variety of activities designed to develop values and skills, which enable the leaders to use their talents to benefit others.

To assist in the development of leadership skills required in Year Six, each older class is ‘buddied’ with a younger class. Each child has his/her own special buddy with whom to share and work. This contributes significantly to the development of communication and cooperation skills.