Reporting is accomplished in four ways at St Matthew's - Semester 1 and 2 written reports, Meet The Teacher Meeting (Term 1) and  Parent and Teacher Interviews (Term 3 and Term 4).


Early in the new year a Meet The Teacher Meeting is held to enable parents to meet their child’s teacher and also to give them the opportunity to speak with their child's teacher about their child. A Parent Survey is sent home for the parents to complete before the meeting, indicating their child's strength, challenges, and learning needs as percieved by the parents. This survey is then brought to the meeting.


Parent/Teacher Interviews are held twice a year, after the formal Semester 1 and Semester 2 school reports are sent home. These interviews provide an opportuinity for teachers and parents to discuss the learning needs of the students and to make goals for future learning.


Formal written reports are sent home at the end of Terms 2 and 4 each year. These reports indicate how well a student is achieving the desired outcomes in each Subject Area for their specific stage of development and are an academic, social and behavioural report.


Learning Journeys provide you with an opportunity to visit your child’s classroom and other learning spaces at school, and to be taken on a journey through the learning enjoyed so far this year.  


Parents are always welcome to visit the school to speak with the Teachers, Assistant Principal or Principal about learning or behavioural concerns. For practical reasons it is preferable if an appointment is made through the school office or by directly emailing the staff member.