Our approach to teaching English at St Matthew’s reflects the Australian Curriculum - English. We place emphasis on both spoken and written language. Through our teaching and learning programs, students develop knowledge, skills and understandings about the form and purpose of the English language.


Through exploring text types, students learn to analyse and create a range of texts. This promotes the ability to understand the construction of language and to develop skills to use it with confidence. Competence in literacy enables students to learn about the role of language in their own lives, and in their own and other cultures. They are then be able to communicate their thoughts and feelings, to participate in society, to make informed decisions about personal and social issues, to analyse information and viewpoints, and to use their imaginations.


Some of the many activities and strategies we employ are:


  •  Rostrum Public Speaking and inter-school debating in the upper grades
  •  A Home Reading scheme in all grades
  • Comprehensive reading resources
  • Reading Recovery Program in Year 1
  • Phonics teaching, using 'Letterland' and other resources
  • Weekly library lessons which promote engagement in print information
  • Learning Support Teachers and Learning Support Assistants across the grades to support students who require extra assistance
  • Handwriting lessons and texts
  • Spelling instruction including the teaching of specific rules and strategies, and the use of personal spelling lists incorporating topic, rule and interest words
  • Daily reading and regular shared and guided reading sessions in all classes
  • Use of appropriate technology to develop research, word processing and desktop publishing skills
  • Use of Interactive Whiteboard Technology  
  • Peer mentoring where older children assist younger readers
  • Regular testing of all children's literacy levels