The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum area leads children to see themselves as active, creative, responsible and informed decision makers. It seeks to develop a sense of well being and personal worth and tries to cultivate those understandings and skills that will help the child develop and maintain satisfying relationships.

Our approach to teaching Personal Development, Health and Physical Education at St Matthew’s currently reflects the ACT’s ‘Every Chance to Learn’ Curriculum Framework.

In the early primary years our emphasis is on the development of motor skills, co-ordination and team participation. Kindergarten students participate in an intensive Gross Motor Program. All children are involved in a variety of sporting activities, which aim to improve their skill level, physical fitness and co-ordination. Our emphasis is on enjoyment, skill development and willing participation.


Specialist skill development officers from a variety of sporting organisations also conduct sporting clinics for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Regular exercise and fitness are an internal component of the curriculum.

 The Health and Physical Education curriculum focuses on students:

St Matthew's children have the opportunity of representing the school in a wide variety of sports at school, district, state and national level.