In Science the children at St Matthew's are encouraged to develop an openness to new ideas and creative problem solving; a respect for evidence and objectivity and a commitment to reasoning and clear thinking.

Science studies focus on developing students’ capacity to be interested in and understand the world around them, and to reflect on and apply scientific knowledge to new learning situations and problems in personal, social and civic life. Understanding and applying scientific knowledge enables students to function in and contribute to a society in which science and its applications play a significant role.

Understanding science as a dynamic body of knowledge provides distinctive ways of describing, analysing and explaining features, relationships and change in the physical and biological world. This body of knowledge includes scientific concepts and theories drawn from physics, chemistry, biology and Earth sciences, which form the elements of an integrated scientific understanding of the world.  Applying scientific knowledge empowers students to integrate and deepen their understandings of the world, create new ideas, make informed decisions and develop creative solutions. Knowing and using the language of science enables students to explain scientific ideas and participate in questioning, discussing and making decisions about issues where science is relevant.

We use 'Primary Connections' to embed the Australian Curriculum - Science at St Matthew's.