St Matthew's Clubs


Here at St Matthew’s we offer a number of extra-curricular activities known as clubs. These allow students who have a particular interest in an area to develop their knowledge and skills base while also having fun and interacting with their peers in a positive way.

Games Club

Games club allows children of all ages to play cooperatively with their peers.

Games club offers board games, giant chess or checkers, the technology trolley and the option to draw or read books with friends.


Games club is held Monday lunchtimes.




Gardening Club

In gardening club students can put their green thumbs into action planting and tending to St Matthew’s veggie patch. Students in gardening club are responsible for planting and watering seeds, removing weeds and picking vegetables. Gardening club is also responsible for feeding and caring for our five laying chickens.


Gardening club is held Thursday lunchtimes.




Creative Arts at St Matthew's


The school choir rehearses at 8.30am every Tuesday morning. The choir is open to anyone who is interested from Years 3 to 6, however younger students who are able to read lyrics may be invited to join as the year goes on. We sing a variety of repertoire ranging from Australian to multi-cultural pieces, as well as some Disney favourites.


Creative Arts Club is held every Wednesday lunch time. This changes from term to term depending on what subject is being covered in Creative Arts RFF.

Term 1 - Drama club

Term 2 -  Dance club

Term 3 - Music club

Term 4 - Visual Arts club

Depending on numbers the term may be divided into Senior and Junior students. The activities are less structured than in-class Creative Arts and focus on free exploration and having fun. 



Gifted and Talented Enrichment

In this program, known as Engage, we provide opportunities for challenge and extension beyond the regular classroom. The program revolves around higher order thinking skills such as critical thinking, reflective reasoning about beliefs and actions, and problem solving. Children will also have lots of fun working with like-minded children across the grades.


This year our Engage program will take place on Tuesday afternoons for students in Years 3-6 or Wednesday afternoons for students in Years K-2 between 2-3 pm.


This program runs under the banner of our Learning Support Program.





Library allows children from kinder to year 6 to play or read in the Information and resource centre. Library offers the chance for students to read, draw or complete activities on the computer. They can also borrow or research during this time.


Library is held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes.





Robotics Club aims to teach students the fundamental components of programming robots with the end goal of preparing children for the annual Robocup Junior competition being held in early August this year in Canberra. We teach students how to program Lego NXT Robots using Mindstorms technology.


Robotics Club is held Tuesday lunchtimes.