Community Council

Parents are warmly invited to become involved in the Community Council at the beginning of each year. We pride ourselves on being a school where everyone does a little bit.

The Community Council is made up of elected parent representatives, a Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary, the Parish Priest, the principal, and staff representatives.

This executive team is key to ensuring that St Matthew's continues to be a school of excellence, and known for its community spirit. They support the development of our Catholic identity and the ethos and mission of the school, promote the school in the local community, develop and monitor student and parent services, raise money for resources, and enourage opportunities for social interaction whereby parents can form and join supportive networks. In addition, the expertise of the Council representatives is used to provide input on strategic and management planning, school budgeting, school fees and developing Community Council Committees.

Our Council meets twice each term, in person or via video conference.