Teaching and Learning

St Matthews offers quality teaching and learning in Religious Education, English, Mathematics, History, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Health and Physical Education, Science, Technologies, The Arts and Japanese.

Through these Curriculum areas, staff members endeavour to develop an atmosphere conducive to the development of the spiritual, intellectual, academic, physical, emotional and social growth of the students. Opportunities for each child to achieve success and to build upon positive aspects of learning are provided each and every day.


Here at St Matthew’s we offer a number of extra-curricular activities and clubs that allow students to develop their knowledge and skills on personal interests while having fun and interacting with peers. This includes:

  • Games Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Creative Arts Club: Drama, Drumming, Instrumental Jam and Christmas Choir
  • ‘Engage’ Gifted and Talented Enrichment
  • Robotics Club and Robocup Junior Comp


St Matthews has operated a Sustainability Program best known for its much loved chickens which are located in the internal courtyard. The chickens are fed from the food scraps which are collected by the children each day. The program also has strong links to our Science program with the initial selection of the chickens forming part of the Kindergarten curriculum.

Year Six Leadership Program

We believe that all students have leadership potential and therefore we consider all members of Year 6 to be Student Leaders. They are given many opportunities to learn about the display leadership qualities and earn the right to wear the School Leader shirt. 


Students have access to iPads and networked laptops at all times during the school day. We have an Internet usage agreement, which outlines policy for usage and is required to be signed by parents and Year 3-6 students annually. We endeavour to integrate technology purposefully across all curriculum areas to enrich the children’s learning.

Book Club

Ashton Scholastic provides a ‘Book Club’ service for our school. This is organised by volunteer parents, who give generously of their time. This service is a good way to buy appropriate literature at reasonable prices for your child


St Matthew’s has a well-resourced library that is available for student use at all times. All classes have the opportunity to borrow library books weekly. The teacher librarian works with each class in a scheduled lesson each week on developing information skills.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Program supports and encourages those children in the school who, for a variety of reasons, require extra learning assistance. Our Learning Support Program offers learning support from Resource Teachers and Learning Support Assistants.