Parenting Ideas

To support you - our parents - and our teachers, St Matthew’s has now joined up with Parenting Ideas. Parenting Ideas connects parents and educators to expert child development knowledge through first class digital channels and they accompany it with a genuine human interface to make parenting support more accessible and impactful.

Through this website, we have videos, articles and other resources to share with you. We hope that this will support effective school and parent relationships. 


The parenting techniques we employ have a significant and lasting impact on our children and their development. We all want the same thing for our students, and our children - to be happy, healthy, reslient and well-adjusted people. If you're interested in expanding your skills and confidence in effective parenting you can read up on the latest insights through one of Parenting Ideas' eGuides, or by watching one of their videos. 

Webinar Available Until October 9

As part of this membership, you can access the webinar recording, Managing Your Child's Anxiety, at no cost.  

Join Michael Grose in this webinar recording where he helps parents better understand the nature of anxiety, equips them to recognise it in children, and provides practical tools to help children and young people manage and minimise their anxious states.

Read the attached Insights document, Managing Your Child's Anxiety for instructions to access your voucher, and the webinar. 


Helping children make and keep friends

How can we promote critical friendship skills in children? Watch the video here to explore what to do when friendship problems occur.

Refining your parenting style

Evidence shows that kids respond well to a mixture of two parenting approaches. Watch the video to learn how to refine your style so your child receives the type of parenting they need. 

Managing your child's anxiety

When anxiety becomes overwhelming, it can impact on children's happiness, wellbeing and ability to learn. There's so much parents can do to support children and young people who are anxious.


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